About Us

  • At your door, for years...

    For more than 30 years, we are the reason for doors in Turkey and all around the world to open up to happiness, reunions, and warmness in houses. For years, we have been part of homes, adding quality and aesthetics to living spaces with the importance we give to details. In our factory with 16.000 m2, we have the capacity to produce 100 thousand sets door handles and 30 thousand door hinges a month. From door handles to window handles, door hinges to bathroom accessories, we manufacture thousands of products out of zinc, brass and aluminum.

  • Quality, Aesthetics, Design ...

    In Turkey, we have more than 400 sales points, and we export our products to more than 50 countries in 4 different continents. While setting trends in the sector with our high quality, aesthetic and sturdy products, we follow the world trends very closely, and work with leading designers to add new ones to our existing designs.

  • Inspiring Touches ...

    With our mission to provide you with the best products and service, we are working to maximize the customer satisfaction by assisting our consumers with any problems occurring after sales. As Doganlar, we continue to have unique touches on living spaces by giving importance to details in our products, and combining quality, functionality, and aesthetics.

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